The Service Exchange

OIP Service Exchange Platform is designed to be extendable, that allows others platforms to publish their Services/Data so that it can be used by other applications.

Application Developers can come into Service Exchange Platform and subscribe to various APIs offered by API Store owners to make their application rich of features.

Service Provider can publish their APIs in this platform and let others to come and subscribe it, with an option to monetize it.

Subscribers of our Service Creation Platform - IOT, access their IOT data via Service Exchange Platfrom. Hence automatically becomes the data providers.


We have a complete ecosystem that offers more features on top of the basic functionalities.


Data analytics for API publishers to monitor their API subscriptions and performance.

API Versioning

Every improvement of the published API can be differentiated by versioning the API.

Governance and Security

Ability to expose the APIs either to public or only to the tenant subscribers.

Engage with Community

API subscribers can rate the API, leave comments and engage with the publishers via forum.

API Monetization coming soon

Publisher can offers various kind of packages for the subscriber to choose and monetize it.

Manage API Lifecycle

API can be put into several states before it is actually published, forming a manageable lifecycle.

Want to Own an API Store?

Contact us and show your interest to be an API Store owner and start sharing your services or data through our API Publisher.