The Service Creation Platform

OIP Service Creation Platform enables rapid development, management and scaling of IoT devices.

Subscribers can connect their devices and start sending data to Service Creation Platform.

Data can be managed and monitored via Device Management Console.

Subscriber can consume the data via Service Exchange Platform while at the same time have the option to let others consume it.


We have a complete ecosystem that offers more features on top of the basic functionalities.

Device Management

Manage devices at ease via Management Console.

Two-way Communication

The platform also supports sending command back to the devices.

Alarm Management

The platform has the ability to send notification via email or Telegram.

Data Visualization

Rapidly visualize the real-time or historical data using various kind of built-in widgets.

Rule Engine

Implement business logic towards the data in real-time.

MQTT and HTTPS Support

Send the data to the platform using REST API via HTTP or MQTT.

Tested Devices

Ideally, any device with HTTP or MQTT support should be able to send data to our platform but we have tested some of popular devices for you.

Want to have a Tenant Account?

With tenant account, you will have an unlimited device creation and have the ability to have customer accounts. Contact us and show your interest now!